SMWA Certificate
The SMWA (Single Malt Whisky Academy) Certificate is the professional International Whisky Certificate Course of the UK. The course is certified by the SMWA (Single Malt Whisky Academy). It not only provides traditional Scotch Whisky knowledge, but also explores new whisky regions of the world, such as Irish, Japanese, American, Canada,  and even England and Taiwan. SMWA hopes the course will bring professional knowledge of whisky and news to enthusiasts and those in the field, as well as provide appealing whisky-tasting experiences in different ways.

1.History of whisky
2.Spirits of the world
3.The definition of whisky
4.Manufacturing process
5.Scotch whiskies
6.Factors affecting whisky style
7.The secrets of whisky - Stills
8.Oak barrels
9.Understanding the label
10.Aromas of whisky
11.Worldwide whiskies
12.Whisky and food
13.Whisky investment
14.1001 ways to enjoy whiskies

Whiskies Tasted:
The top 12 whiskies of the world will be tasted in the course for students to experience the charm of whisky from Scotland and the world.

The exam includes 50 multiple choices.

Students will receive their certificate approximately 4 weeks after they pass the examination.
50% -69%, PASS
70% - 89%, MERIT
90% - 100%, DISTINCTION

Time of the Course: (09:30-17:30)
09:30-10:00 Welcome with English-style morning tea, Aroma Academy system
10:00-12:30 Scotch whiskies
14:00-17:00 Worldwide whiskies
17:00-17:30 Examination

About the Aroma Academy:
The Aroma Academy provides customers with specialist Aroma and Perfume System Products, Master Classes & Training Programmes that educate, entertain and/or improve the feeling of well-being.The customer base is wide ranging, covering both enthusiasts/connoisseurs and trade/industry with industry customers including many of the leading drinks companies.

A Nosing Aroma Kit specifically designed for Whisky!
The kit and accompanying guide booklet will make Whisky nosing and tasting an even more pleasurable experience and dramatically increase your Whisky nosing and tasting knowledge! 
The Whisky Aroma Kit contains 24 aroma nosing samples carefully selected by the leading specialist Aroma Scientist, from the Aroma Academy Dr George Dodd.

Let us guide you as we:
·Introduce a series of key reference Whisky aromas!
·Educate you regarding nosing terminology/vocabulary!
·Explain the nosing and tasting process!
·Identify the key aromas to be found in your favourite Whiskys!